Barrie, Ontario-based quartet Latchkey is a pop-punk, alt-rock engine cruising smoothly through hooky riffs, lots of palm muting, and catchy vocals. It’s fairly typical pop-punk, but it’s honest and well done. With one full-length and a handful of EPs under their belt, Latchkey are now offering their newest track, “Shelter” (out April 10, 2020), as a free song download. Where their older material sticks firmly in the realm of pop-punk tendencies, “Shelter” shows a heavier, rawer side of the band.

Deliberately choosing to embrace the heaviness, the current lineup of Latchkey – Brandon Branch, David Johnston, Riley Dybajlo, Chris Sinclair – has this to say about the new tune’s sound:

“‘Shelter’ is the first single recorded since a new member change from the last release (Head in the Clouds). The song is heavier than our normal sound but we wanted something that stood out. We wrote this song about feeling insecure about progress made in our personal lives and feeling burdened by expectations that we have put on ourselves.”

The angsty tune is kicked off by the screamed line, “You can’t save us, we’re running out of time,” so the vibe is pretty firmly established from the get-go. The springing verses lighten the mood momentarily, but “Shelter” wisely dives into the dark, raging choruses often and with aplomb. Maybe this is indicative of a new style for Latchkey, or maybe it’s just a momentary outlet, but, whatever it is, it’s worth checking out. Grab the track and enjoy some “Shelter.”

Artwork for “Shelter” by Latchkey