With most of the planet still in full lockdown, these are challenging times for us all. Isolated from family, friends and even work colleagues, people are finding all manner of different ways of getting on with the lives while coping with these unprecedented times.

“Coping” is the subject of the new single from UK hardcore punks Smiling Assassin, and we have the exclusive video premiere right here.

Discussing the subject of the single, vocalist George Garnett revealed, “The song ‘Coping’ is about some friends. I have a friend who drinks heavily when their mental health takes a dive. Another friend shuts themself away. The more I noticed them doing that, the more I saw other people doing the same. I tried to write it from their perspective in a confession sort of way so other people may feel solidarity in their own situation.”

The track comes from the band’s upcoming new album Plight of the Millenial, which is set for release through Warren Records on May 31, 2020.

On the album subject, bassist Casey Stead said, “Plight Of The Millennial is a call-to-arms for a disenchanted, disillusioned, and frustrated generation. It delivers bursts of angst and cynical social commentary in a climate where people are more than happy to reduce serious issues to the realm of memes, or witty banter, for the sake of a cheap laugh. As modern hardcore seems to be becoming more insular, POTM subverts the trend. Listening to this record is like seeing the world through the eyes of a rebellious youth, and concluding: ‘shit’s just worse than ever.’”

Plight of the Millenial Track Listing:

1. Prologue
2. Plight of the Millennial
3. Psycho-apathy
4. Divide & Conquer
5. Coping
6. News Corp. Monopoly
7. National Pride
8. With All Due Respect
9. The Aftermath

Artwork for ‘Plight of the Millennial’ by Smiling Assassin

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