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Break Fate’s Bright New Single Helps to Lift Some Quarantine “Fog” [Premiere]



There’s some “Fog” in the air, and it’s emanating from the minds and force of Break Fate; a trio which possesses a collective passion for all things pop-punk and carries on determined to follow the lead set for them by their heroes. You’ll better get what we’re talking about after enjoying the band’s their sizzling new single “Fog,” a punchy three-minute pop-punk gem that demonstrates how evolved the group has become after only three years.

The new track is about chasing a dream in the face of your world telling you to just forget it and move on. Most of the time, the people in our lives don’t believe in our dreams, but some continue to have faith through the ups and downs. Break Fate wants you to push towards positivity while overcoming all that negativity.

“‘Fog’ was a track that pretty much wrote itself into existence,” commented frontman Mashana. “It came at a time when I was just tired of being put down about my life choices and career goals that seemed far from reach. Every time I made a glimpse of progress I felt like it was torn away from me. The song is about overcoming the negativity and lifting the world off your shoulders to do what you believe in. ‘Fog’ is something everyone experiences and is probably experiencing it right now! The message of this song is to support each other, be creative and follow your dreams.”

The release of “Fog” is the prelude to Break Fate’s upcoming debut album, set to see the light of day on May 1st. The song is the follow up to “Fire,” a thundering track that evaluates the world as it stands now. With some very positive signs to go off of, we can only predict a breakthrough coming from Break Fate upon the release of their album, and hopefully, a tour coming later this year.

Artwork for “Fog” by Break Fate