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Julia Lambert – “Wild Rose In The City” [Free Song Download]

NYC-based artist Julia Lambert is offering her latest single, “Wild Rose in the City,” as a free mp3 download, so grab the soulful, catchy track and find your own meaning in Lambert’s newest material.



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Julia Lambert is an NYC-based artist who delivers a powerful, soulful brand of indie-pop. From her early musical steps as an eleven year old, Julia has been a preternatural talent with experience on American Idol as well as playing in several prestigious venues around the New York area as a solo artist and with her previous band Nexus. She recently released her latest single, “Wild Rose in the City,” which we are now offering as a free song download (alternatively, you can also check the tune out on Spotify and Apple Music).

On the catchy song, Lambert says:

“‘Wild Rose in the City’ was created from start to finish from May 2018 to its release this past May. It started as a guitar riff and a chorus to the song it is today in a years time. I tend to sit on songs for awhile before I really get serious about it and finish it. Its almost as if I have to convince myself about it before I commit to it. In the simplest of terms, this song is about troubled love. Not about me personally but someone close to me, in which I felt their pain. All of us as songwriters are storytellers and its important to connect with the listener however they may interpret the art. I hope someone can find their own meaning in this song.”

The track is tethered to its indie vibes by the arpeggiated guitar riff that rolls throughout the nearly four-minute runtime. Otherwise, Lambert’s powerhouse vocals and the stuttering drumbeat are of a more poppy variety, but the end result is a solid tune that’s worth repeated listens. Download Lambert’s latest single and find your own meaning in “Wild Rose in the City.”

Check out the video for “Wild Rose in the City.”

“Wild Rose in the City” dropped May 31, 2019.