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Asheville, North Carolina metalcore aficionados Lifecurse are making all your metalhead fantasies come true with a free mp3 download of their rowdy, gnashing single, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf“ (check out the Facebook video here). From the August 27th record The Wolf You Feed Part 1: Ulsiga – available on Apple Music, Bandcamp, and Spotify – the song is a high-energy, high-event journey catapulted to life by phenomenal duelling vocals that step from clean and soaring into raging, guttural, and staunch.

Formed in 2010, the band carries the mandate to “shed light on the darker parts of life, and to provide a darker perspective on the lighter side of life” and their bristling brand of metal definitely succeeds in that regard. Their sublime tunes are technical without being alienating, profound and thought-provoking without being exclusively heady, and metal-but-not-too-much mixed perfectly with instances of hardcore-but-not-too-much. It’s a blend the band has perfected over the years and it speaks to the maturity and development of these five dudes who are so committed to creating a worthwhile product.

Delve into Lifecurse’s catalogue of hair-raising metalcore and explore everything the scintillating quintet has to offer – including the track, “Buzzard Bait,” also off of The Wolf You Feed Part 1: Ulsiga, which we featured here. If you’re not entirely hooked yet, the band also has the imminent second-half of The Wolf You Feed in the works to fully complete the concept’s saga and, if you’re local to the North Carolina area, they play October 18th at The Maywood in Raleigh. Needless to say, there is more than enough kicking around to sink your teeth into, so come on and take a bite.

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and its killer artwork dropped on August 8th.

The Wolf You Feed Part 1: Ulsiga Track Listing:

01. Hostis Humanis Generis
02. The Wolf You Feed
03. Lights Out
04. Proxy
05. Smoke & Mirrors
06. Fortunes
07. Buzzard Bait
08. I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over
09. The Path
10. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
11. Time Travelling

Get to know Lifecurse a bit better with this short documentary on the making of the new album.

Here’s the powerful artwork for The Wolf You Feed Part 1: Ulsiga.