Ready for a little trip “Up The Coast?” Good, that’s exactly what you’re getting with our premiere of the brand new single from Philly alt-rockers Tiny Hueman. Philadelphia is a city of rock n’ roll which has etched out a reputation for offering some of the best in rock music, and Tiny Hueman is the latest example, a band that grew out of city basements with members who just wanted to pick up some instruments and jam together. (You can check out more of the band’s music via Apple Music and Spotify)

Their newest single “Up The Coast” may sound cheerful, but the subject matter is anything but. The song brings to light one of the most prevalent crises taking place in the United States each and every day. Commenting on the track, the band stated, “‘Up The Coast’ was written after our singer lost a family member to the opioid epidemic. Lyrically, it’s a reflection on the way this individual lived—either spiralling out of control or using religion as a crutch to try and pull themselves out of it, all while never getting to the root of the issue. We chose to go with an upbeat feel and tempo as a way of showing the nonstop party a lot of addicts find themselves in, despite the very dangerous and real consequences just around the corner.”

Listen to the sombre yet upbeat new single, “Up The Coast”:

Although now a quintet, the roots of the band go back to just a two-man band beginning in 2016 with the objective of just writing songs as a lighthearted passion with no grand goals necessarily in mind. After experiencing that “yeah, we can do this too” moment, they invested more time and effort into the project, expanding to more members and then actually trying their hand at writing and recording. Recording sessions for what would become the Shallow EP began to take place at Headroom Studios which ended up being the jumping-off point towards more live exposures and a solidified lineup of singer Richie Hollahan, rhythm guitarist Dustin Miller, drummer Kevin Miller, lead guitarist Vinny Vaccaro and bassist Richie Taver.

Headroom Studios also acted as the location where their second EP Drift was recorded. At the beginning of this year, Tiny Hueman decided that it was time for a retreat and packed their bags for the confines of a quiet cabin in the woods where they could fully immerse themselves with their music and invest in the writing process. This turned out to be a productive process where they recorded a number of demos which they are bringing to The Barber Shop Studios along with the assistance of producer Gary Cioni. With songwriting passion and great ambition on their side, Tiny Hueman are set to truly reach their full potential as both musicians and artists.

For more of Tiny Hueman, listen to “Supercell,” released earlier this year:

Upcoming Tour Dates:

10/03 – The Fire, Philadelphia, PA
02/23 – TBD, Nashville, TN
02/24 – TBD, Ashville, NC
02/25 – TBD, Charlotte, SC
02/26 – TBD, Richmond, VA
02/27 – TBD, Washington, DC
02/28 – TBD, Lancaster, PA
02/29 – TBD, Philadelphia, PA

Behold the vibrant cover artwork for the “Up the Coast” single:

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