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Craving a new addition to your music library? New Hampshire’s Sepsiss is a rocking gamut of metal and hardcore flavoured with hints of hip-hop, urban hardcore and modern rhythms, and they’re here to make your day with a free mp3 download of their latest single “To Write Hate on His Arms,” released on February 19th. Off of their debut EP, Badd Blood (purchase and stream here), the track is a frenetic riff-party carried by the duelling vocals of Melissa Wolfe and William Savant; it’s heavy, it’s pummelling, and it’s a ton of fun.

On “To Write Hate on His Arms,” Sepsiss says, “The track is about the ultimate battle of good vs evil. William and Melissa cross swords on a gracefully pulverizing adventure,” and, on the band in general, they note that “Sepsiss isn’t a band tailored to entertain metalheads alone. Sepsiss creates new metalheads altogether.” Intrigued? Give the track a listen and see if Sepsiss can make a new metalhead out of you.

For more context on the group’s unique musical and aesthetic stylings, check out our Spring 2019 interview with Melissa Wolfe as she discusses mixing adult entertainment and music within her own persona. Explore the racy, heavy metal thematics of Sepsiss and keep your eyes, ears, and…other things…primed for their inevitable takeoff.

Check out “To Write Hate on His Arms” and get ready to headbang:

Badd Blood Track Listing:

01. Fair to Say
02. To Write Hate on His Arms
03. The Sky Is Falling
04. The Swarm
05. Black Light Invasion
06. Falling Unloved
07. Force You to Lay Down
08. Eyes of Empathy

The Badd Blood EP was released on April 9th, 2019.