“Choo Choo!” All aboard the Figs Vision train! Today we’re bringing you something a little different, with the exclusive premiere of “Choo Choo,” the brand new earworm from Los Angeles’ quartet, Figs Vision. The new single is the title track off the group’s latest EP, due out on August 15th and which you’ll be able to find (as well as some more hip new tunes) via Spotify. Speaking of the tune, the band described it as a “post-ceremonial breakthrough and implosion captured through sound,” which you can take to mean that it’s really fucking good!

The release of Choo Choo has been a long time coming for fans of Figs Vision, as it marks their return from a solid two-year hiatus. The reason for the time off, according to the band was “cerebral implosion,” but fortunately they have pieced their minds back together and reversed that implosion to deliver some long-awaited new music. The most featured track thus far has been the single “Boy Pressure,” (watch the video below) a prime example of the guys’ distinctive psych-pop that really can’t compare with anything else currently out there.

Sonically, Figs Vision has a reputation for blending experimental pop and electronica to create new musical possibilities that are downright dreamy sounding. This translates to their live show which is both unique and immersive and which combines sound, light, and movement to create a psychedelic-like experience.

“Choo Choo!” It’s time to buckle up for the exclusive premiere of Fig’s Vision’s brand new song:

To offer you some additioanl insight into the names behind the music, this act is composed of singer/guitarist Jordan Spoliansky, on synthesizers Gunner Sixx (son of Nikki Sixx of Motley Crüe fame), bassist Zackary Darling, and drummer Micheal Musselman. If you’re wondering about the dude with the last name Sixx, yes, you read that correctly, he’s the legendary bassist Nikki Sixx’s son. Musician and actress Evan Rachel Wood was quick to tout the band as her favourite in addition to a lot of critical hype that has started for the young foursome. It’s still early so there’s time to get on the Choo Choo train so that you won’t have to take a running jump onto the bandwagon later.

If you got some “Boy Pressure” in your life, take it out on this recently-released music video from Fig’s Vision:

The psychedelic artwork for Figs Vision’s new EP Choo Choo:


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