Following the breakthrough success of their 2017 debut record, Mortal Ghost, Nashville, Tennessee grunge rock group Rusty Shipp have returned with their brand new single and music video for “Breaking Waves.” The song is likely to be featured on the “nautical rock n’ roll” band’s latest record Liquid Exorcist, due out later this year. Even though the album’s release date is still to be determined, you can pre-order it now via Indiegogo.

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of the subgenre “nautical rock n’ roll,” but Rusty Shipp are doing their best at making it known. They combine old pop melodies and the surf rock guitar of Dick Dale and The Beach Boys with hard-driving, intense modern alternative rock like Nirvana and Muse. This creates a sound like no other, differentiated by unconventional guitar riffs and catchy, addictive choruses which fans of rock n’ roll always have, and always will love.

For more Rusty Shipp, check out their music video for “Crack Baby,” off Mortal Ghost:

To offer some more perspective on the story behind “Breaking Waves,” the track describes the ongoing and never-ending battle between technology (as created by humans) and nature and it’s really the first preview as to what you’ll hear on Liquid Waves, a concept album about sea mine terrorism. Lyrically, the song illustrates the band’s potential at creating more philosophical material about nature and destruction. It looks at the “soul” of the ocean as a concept and how that is continuously being broken down by our societal practices. It also speaks to humanity’s perspective and how it’s not exactly the perspective that we need to have.

With an exclusive comment on “Breaking Waves,” the four-piece’s aptly named frontman Rust T. Shipp said, “The play on words with ‘Breaking Waves’ is that these waves are literally breaking things down. It’s this whole concept of something as simple and innocent as water having the power to crush the greatest of man’s inventions, things like submarines and war machines. In our music video, I’m singing ‘simple H20 crushing your machines, ships, and submarines breaking down to smithereens,’ while we’re rocking out on a sinking submarine that’s losing electricity and springing leaks all around us. I also tried to figure out how many different ways I could use the word ‘break’ and cram that word into the chorus.”

Here is the nautically-inspired cover art for Rusty Shipp’s new single “Breaking Waves:”