It’s bright and sunny these days, not only outside, but also for Cleveland indie rock band Window Dogs who, today, are debuting their latest single “Stage 4” via yours truly. The release of the song comes in anticipation of the group’s highly-anticipated hometown, headlining show, happening tomorrow, June 14th at Coda Live Music Venue. “Stage 4” is the final single to be released in anticipation of the new full-length album, coming sometime this coming fall. In the meantime, you can save/purchase “Stage 4” and other singles via Spotify, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.

“Stage 4” is not just any single though, as the song takes on a special meaning for the quintet, particularly lead singer and guitarist Sean Breeden. Breeden’s father recently passed away, after a hard fought battle with cancer and “Stage 4” finds Breeden at home, both literally and figuratively, in that difficult and dark place that so many of us have been in when we lose someone close to us after a fight with a terminal illness. It’s all performed with passion, authenticity, musicality and an uninhibited approach to songwriting, bringing together a story of loss and struggle. It’s heavy stuff, but it’s relatable and something that we can all understand and find special meaning in.

Ok, the time has come. Let’s check out Window Dogs’ latest deep and emotional single, “Stage 4.”

Speaking of the new single, Breeden had this to say: “The writing process for this song was one of the most mentally freeing moments of my life. I had all of these feelings filling me up for a few months since my father passed away in Sept. [2018]. Creativity is a weird thing because in those months I was feeling and thinking about things I had never thought about in my life, but your almost paralyzed and can’t really analyze them. We traveled to Indiana to record songs we had been working on for a while, but I hadn’t finished lyrically. I would try to piece them together in my free time and they were wearing me down. This song was like our ‘extra time’ bonus song in the studio, and for me, I feel like my head finally got to allow things to empty out and it came out just the way I was holding it.

“A lot of what I am saying in this song comes from watching my dad smoke cigarettes his entire life, even after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer – he still smoked them everyday. And I can see now how some of us just need that addiction to get through our daily lives, even if in the long run, it’s going to shorten our time. I also wrote a lot of the song through the viewpoint of my mother, who is now in the aftermath of watching her best friend and soulmate leave her alone of this earth. And for me, that has almost been harder than watching him leave us. A lot of the way we live our lives now is that we are so attached to our phones and that world of not really having to be face-to-face with each other. When you go through loss or tragedy, it’s especially hard because I feel like no one really knows how to talk to each other anymore even when all you need is someone just to be there.”

Also, don’t leave before you check out Window Dogs’ previous single “Downward Spirals.”

Led by Breeden, Window Dogs has worked hard to solidify a loyal local fanbase, naturally attracting fans through their impressive, and aggressive, live performances that showcase their gritty form of rock n’ roll, influenced by folk, pop, psychedelia, and alternative rock. It’s all done with a heavy dose of raw energy, and momentum that the band has built up through the release of three previous singles and shows and tours with Dinosaur Pile-Up, Highly Suspect and The Heavy. There’s lots to like about Window Dogs and you can’t help but just be taken in by what you’re hearing.

Upcoming Summer 2019 Tour Dates:

06/14 @ CODA Live Music Venue
07/16 @ Grog Shop w/ Mutts
07/21 @ Taste of Tremont
08/09 @ Beachland Ballroom w/ Jared and the Mill


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