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“Be Cool” and Check out the Latest Single from L.A. Indie-Punks BLACK ADIDAS [Song Premiere]

Californian indie punks, Black Adidas, are no mere aping of other acts and insist on being loud, brash, and most importantly, unique. Their new single “Be Cool” is due June 21st via Digital Analog Records but you can now hear it here!



Courtney Ranshaw is a musician from Burbank, CA whose new venture, Black Adidas, according to its Facebook profile, “isn’t in the business of nostalgia.” That said, with influences ranging from Jawbreaker to The Clash, there’s a modernized twist on the band’s provocative punk sounds that’s more akin to the likes of Bleached or Beach Slang. Dropped names aside, Black Adidas is no mere aping of other acts and insists on being loud, brash, and most importantly, unique.

Now, with a new single entitled “Be Cool” due out on June 21st via Digital Analog Records, the indie punk outfit is unveiling the song to fans well ahead of time because, well, “It’s tough to be cool when you’re losing your mind.” Speaking of the song, Ranshaw hit us up and offered, in his own words, much more detail about the song, concept thereof, and more:

“I always love the idea of music being it’s own inspiration. Or more specifically to ‘Be Cool,’ live music. The song came together really quickly around the first lyrics of the song. Try and be cool, try and keep your shit together when all you wanna do is scream every fucking letter. Everything just fell into place around that sentiment. The words, the melody, the chords, all by the end of the day. Not every song comes together like that, and I’m always pretty happy when it does. It becomes a pure statement of original thought, or stream of conciseness.”

It’s time to don your Black Adidas, hit play, and do your best to just “Be Cool.”

Fans, both new and old, are encouraged to grab the new song, not to mention all of Black Adidas’ previous music, via their Bandcamp page. Further elaborating on the new single, Ranshaw added:

“When I go to see a band these days, I am definitely guilty of being the one hanging back, trying to be cool, On the night before I wrote the song, I was at a show that really brought me back to the feeling I had as a far less cynical concert goer. A small bar was packed with excitement, joy and sweat. Everyone was fully engaged with what was happening onstage and it really hit me hard and reminded me how live music can affect us in such an amazing way. You’re a casual fan of anything until you participate in it.

My entire life completely changed after a show at the Whiskey when I was 16. After that, I tried to go to every concert I could on any night my parents would let me. It didn’t take long before a love of being at a show transitioned to wanting to be the one on the stage, and make the music that could affect the next 16 year old kid. ‘Be Cool’ tries to capture that feeling of being a part of something, being in the moment with it, participating in it even, and not wanting it to end. It is the absolute punk rock equivalent to a feel good summer smash hit. It just punches you in the face from the first chord to the last.”

Upcoming Show Date:

06/22 – Los Angeles, CA – Redwood Bar

Be sure to also stream the deadly good single “Night Of The Living Dead”:

Check out the rather cool, “Be Cool” cover artwork:

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