During the short period of mid-April to June, the Ostrich Fern begins to rise from its slumber. Before it begins to open to a frond, what is found is a short spiral of a stock which fittingly looks like the head of a fiddle. For years the fiddlehead has been a staple spring vegetable in Canada (and a few of the more Northern United States) and as the culture of spring foraging is becoming more and more popular, this hearty vegetable is being found more and more on a restaurant menu during the spring and early summer.

Hell even Loblaw’s have been selling them by the pound the past few years. So as it goes, during this time it is not unlikely to head into one of Ontario’s lush forests and bump into a gang of Northface-clad chefs in their 20s or mid-town hipsters dying to get back in touch with nature to justify their Canadianess.

The popularity, of course, comes from the stunning flavor and wide range of uses the spring vegetable has to offer. A crisp and crunchy texture offers a nutty and earthy flavor that is very reminiscent of spring. Typically a side dish, sautéed with a little bit of butter, but also a great addition to pasta dishes. Today I kept it simple, the deep flavors of the cannabutter and Parmigiano are a great compliment and leave room for additions you may want to add to the dish. Feeling meaty? A few bacon lardons added here make a great lunchtime dish.

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-1 lb Fresh Fiddleheads
-1 tsp Canola oil
-2 cloves Garlic, finely chopped
-2 tbsp Cannabutter
-1 tsp Fresh Lemon Thyme, Picked
-Salt and Pepper to taste
-2 tbsp Parmigiano Reggiano

Stop fiddling with your fiddleheads and enjoy this dope dish:

Baker’s Dozen with Danny P. - Mid-Day Munch with Some “Fuzzy Spring Fiddleheads”


Jack Herer. A go-to strain in my collection. The uplifting sativa is named after famed marijuana activist, Jack Herer. The woody and earthy notes found from the mycrene and pinene terpenes in strain, along with the shorter flowering times, make this a great spring treat! Get more information via Leafly.com here.


Step 1: Clean your fiddleheads by placing them into a sieve and running them under cold water for at least 30 seconds.

Step 2: Trim the ends of the fiddleheads, by slicing them half an inch in on an angle. Don’t go too crazy you are just looking to take off the browned ends.

Step 3: Bring a saucepan of salted water to a boil and blanch the cleaned fiddleheads for 7 minutes or until tender.

Step 4: While the fiddleheads are being blanched, heat up the canola oil in a saute pan and begin to sweat the garlic. Keep the heat at medium-high to avoid burning the garlic.

Step 5: When the fiddleheads are cooked, strain them. Once the water is drained, place the fiddleheads back into the saucepan and give them a good shake to bang any of the excess grit that may be left over.

Step 6: In the pan with the garlic, turn up the heat and throw in the fiddleheads. Cook for 1 minute.

Step 7: Once the fiddleheads are browned, take the pan off the heat and add the cannabutter and thyme. Toss and stir until the butter is completely melted, make sure that you have removed the pan from the heat. You are trying to emulsify the butter here creating somewhat of a sauce.

Step 8: Plate the fiddleheads and garnish with Parmigiano Reggiano.

“Touch Me I’m Sick” of not listening to enough Mudhoney!

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02. MC5 – “Gotta Keep Movin’”
03. D.O.A – “I See Your Cross”
04. Minor Threat – “I Don’t Wanna Hear It”
05. Mudhoney – “Touch Me I’m Sick”
06. Tad – “Leafy Incline”
07. Lucifer’s Friend – “Natural Born Mover”
08. Dust – “Love Me Hard”
09. Kyuss – “Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop”
10. Steppenwolf – “The Pusher”
11. Hot Tuna – “Water Song”
12. Jackson Browne – “You Love the Thunder”
13. The Pilgrim – “Peace of Mind”


Danny P. is a Toronto, Canada-based chef with a love for music, food, and baking (both kinds). He may be stuck in the ‘70s, but he is definitely not stuck in his ways. In this series, Dan will bring you some of his favourite recipes for absolutely tasty bake-worthy goods. If you have any comments, suggestions or other inquiries, hit him up on Instagram at @bakersdozenrocks.


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