Chicago’s awesomely-named Ovef Ow have worked extremely hard to capture the attention of their hometown’s indie music scene. The surfy garage/post-punks belt out some lo-fi vibes that are easy to digest but also totally addictive. And, should you need evidence, we’re pleased to point you in the direction of both the band’s third EP, the four-song Crash The Party, which dropped on February 1st via Midwest Action, plus our premiere of their brand new video for the politically-charged single “Hootie Hottie.”

With a few local spring shows now on the docket, the group (which includes bassist Marites Velasquez, drummer Sarah Braunstein, synth-er Kyla Denham, and guitarist Nick Barnett) are primed and ready to take their new tunes out on the road, amassing as many new fans as possible throughout 2019.

Good news, everybody, you can stream the full new EP right here!

With an exclusive quote for us to all enjoy, the band’s guitarist, Nick Barnett, shared the following:

“We’re the kind of band that loves to start writing awkward single melodies then call out crazy arrangement ideas. After we jam it out a ton and after an arrangement is agreed on we layer it with thick synths and vox! Basically, we start with a big mess and put the pieces back together. That’s how we approached this video as well. We’ve been working with D Alexander off and on for about a year now and he’s in our inner circle so we’re always talking about new ideas.

We decided to meet up at our rehearsal studio (One of the few places left where you can go at any time of night and not get arrested or robbed). It’s a really great place! and right now there is a ton of really good bands there!! AnyWho!!!!! The video starts as a spooky somebody is chasing M and N. Or maybe they’re chasing each other. Then S starts chasing them. Then K and S are on a team and M and N are on another team then both teams start chasing each other and running away from each other. Then K gets possessed and scares N!!!!! There’s also a couple of hidden themes and Easter eggs but we will let you find those out for yourselves!!! Watch the Video!!!!!!”

Upcoming Show Dates:

05/04 – 17th Annual CHIRP Record Fair @ Local 130 Plumbers Union Hall – Chicago, IL
05/06 – $1 Beer Night @ Sleeping Village – Chicago, IL (w/ Avantist, Lollygagger)
05/16 – Reed’s Local – Chicago, IL (w/ Lavender Daughter, Sparkletears)

The four-song Crash The Party EP dropped on February 1st, 2019, via Midwest Action.


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