It’s been quite a rise to fame and notoriety for Pop Evil drummer Hayley Cramer. She made a splash as part of English rock band McQueen, which had short-lived success off their one album Break The Silence and several high-profile tours acting as a supporting act. McQueen has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2008 which left Hayley to pursue other career aspirations, which led her to Pop Evil.

In 2016, the English drummer found her way to the American band through a video audition where she showed off her prominent skills and presence behind the drumkit which landed her the gig as the band’s new skinswoman. The group were right in the middle of a tour at the time, which led Hayley immediately onto the stage without any time to acclimate herself. Hayley has left such an impression in such a short period of time, that we wanted to learn more about her, plus the five largest female influences who inspired her to get where she is today.

Pop Evil’s fifth, self-titled studio album was released earlier this year via eOne.

01. Skin (Vocalist, Skunk Anansie) (London, England)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Skunk Anansie were one of the first bands to really grab my attention when I was first learning to play drums. I fell in love with drumming along to their songs but I was also heavily influenced by the strength and power Skin projects through her vocals, lyrics, and performance.

“Victim” comes off the latest Skunk Anansie album Anarchytecture.

02. Stefanie Eulinberg (Drummer, Kid Rock) (Detroit, Michigan)
Genres: Rock, Country Rock
Links: Twitter

– My older brother brought me back a drummer magazine from a trip he did to New York when I was about fourteen years old. On the cover of that magazine was Stefanie Eulinberg. Seeing a female drummer on a front cover of a drum magazine changed my life. I still have the magazine to this day.

“American Rock ‘n Roll” is the latest from Kid Rock and his most recent album Sweet Southern Sugar.

03. Jen Ledger (Drummer and Vocalist, Skillet) (Phoenix, AZ)
Genres: Hard Rock, Christian Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Jen has it all; She’s a great drummer who hops back and forth from frontwoman to backbone of the band with ease. Every time I see her play I feel so inspired. She’s also just released a solo album too (Ledger which was released earlier this year).

Jen released a solo, debut EP earlier this year which is where her music video for “Not Dead Yet” comes from.

04. Emma Anzai (Bassist, Sick Puppies) (Phoenix, AZ)
Genres: Alternative Metal, Nu Metal
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Emma totally kicks butt! She’s one of the strongest women on stage I’ve seen. Watching and listening to her play fills me with energy and gets me super fired up.

Sick Puppies are just “Killing Time” with their latest lyric video.

05. Collette Williams (Drummer, Rews) (Phoenix, AZ)
Genres: Alternative Metal, Nu Metal
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– The band Rews is pretty new to the rock scene. I’m really enjoying their current album and they absolutely smashed a support tour for Halestorm. It’s all kicking off for them and rightly so.

It’s time to “Shake Shake” with Rews’ latest video.