The Silencer, a melodic death metal band from New York, join us for this exclusive post to promote their newest video/single, “Within”, and discuss the mental health issues the song touches on. The video (shot and directed by Eric DiCarlo and Squareup Studios) and song (written and produced by frontman Charlie Corletta and engineered/mix/mastered by Zaki Ali), is centred around the painful conflicts today’s youth struggle with, such as bullying, social media exploitation, sexual harassment, mental health and thoughts of suicide.

Apropos of September being Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in the US, these issues, and the brave artists that continue to bring it into the spotlight, are especially relevant right now, and we are happy to give the members of The Silencer a platform to share their insights on depression and mental health struggles. Read on…

Watch the “Within” music video here.

Guitarist Greg Giler:
– I believe as a species we all carry the light of love, mutual respect, and empathy for each other and the planet itself. I also know that the light we carry is matched by darkness, a carelessness, and indifference which becomes the easy road for most, and this can be dangerous. We must be vigilant for ourselves and others. We all were born once and we all will all die. What will the echo of humanity’s story sound like after we are all long gone?

Essentially, we are roommates in one cosmic house and everything we do or don’t do matters. Keeping these perspectives at the forefront of our minds and aligning them with our actions is key. It’s important to see how we all help each other by chipping in. We all have fears, strengths, weaknesses, achievements and failures, so live with kindness. Support each other’s journey as we all do our best to enjoy the best thing we have been given, a chance. As Grandmother
Willow once said, “listen with your heart, you will understand.”

Drummer and recording engineer Zaki Ali:
– Depression is a very serious problem that many don’t even get the chance to deal with until it’s too late. For myself in particular, I had a point in my life that I could easily consider my all time low. Between multiple harsh breakups within my own personal life, as well as my family’s, I was left in a really bad spot. It came to a point where I completely stopped caring about my health, how certain actions would affect me, and even religious views I was brought up to believe. Fortunately for me, I had a vice. Something that I could resort to so deeply in a more advanced way than I could ever imagine previously. For me that vice was music.

I still remember first being introduced to a guitar player named Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore) around that time. The initial impression on me was so strong I couldn’t help but wish I could be a fraction of that level of a musician someday. I knew I needed something to distract myself. So I sat down, and completely blocked everything out of my life. I spent three months learning a Jeff Loomis song by ear. Learning a few notes at a time and listening to small fractions of the song and then teaching myself the technique to be able to play the section and then repeating it literally thousands of times.

I worked at it like a full time job while losing touch with reality and the outside world. It needed to be something so significant that I would be distracted from the negativity. By the time I learned the whole song, I had come such a long way from where I started that there was more hope for myself. It was a significant enough distraction without the help of anyone else, or medication, or drug abuse. A lot of times it’s nearly impossible to find a way to talk to someone about all of the different things happening, but I’m a true believer that there is always a better way other than to end a life. Don’t give up looking for your vice.

For a deeper understanding, check out the “Making of ‘Within’” video.

Guitarist/Lead Vocalist, Charlie Corletta:
– [With “Within”] I wanted to convey a strong message to our listeners, that no matter what you’re going through in life, no matter how bad your personal situation might be, there is always an inner light inside you that burns just bright enough to pull you from the depths of your darkest days. Sometimes it’s hard to find that light. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find it by thinking about our more innocent times, or using the memory of a past experience that made us feel something positive. That’s one way we can turn our personal darkness into light. We have to fight for our lives and the courage to do so rests within.

I wanted the music video to portray this concept, so I wrote up an intricate storyline that involved a young girl being bullied and harassed, and struggling with thoughts of suicide, only to then find her own inner light within a memory she kept of a more innocent and beautiful time. I believe that talking about your problems to others and reaching out for guidance certainly does help. More importantly, I feel that finding something you love to do and letting it consume you, along with lending yourself to help others in their time of need, is what sets you on a path you can be proud of.

In this, you will find moments of happiness that will help you when you are met with darker times. The day is never perfect and we all struggle at times. Everyone’s situation is unique to them. Talking about your problems to someone, sharing your personal experiences, spending time helping others in any capacity you can, and centring your life around something you have a passion for, can all help. It all starts with reaching out; people never know what you’re going through until you speak out.

If you are in Canada and looking for more information, ways to help, and/or yourself or someone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts, please access the following resources: Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention and Bell Let’s Talk.