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Cassetta Release Their New Single “Give Them Nothing”

Cassetta, a metal supergroup composed of members of Suicide Silence, Scars of Tomorrow, have released their single “Give Them Nothing.”



Cassetta, photo by Brad Alexander
Cassetta, photo by Brad Alexander

Brace yourselves for the sonic onslaught from Cassetta, a greater Los Angeles hardcore group that has released their latest sonic juggernaut, “Give Them Nothing.” This blistering single has permeated streaming services, hitting platforms including Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and all major DSPs.

Drawing from the deepest, most primal recesses of musical intensity, Cassetta masterfully melds influences from past and present hardcore/metal favourites, forging a relentless, bone-crushing wall of sound that will leave listeners breathless. The accompanying live performance video of “Give Them Nothing” is slated for release on the band’s official YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

“Give Them Nothing” stands as a testament to the band’s uncompromising vision, self-produced and mixed by Jeff Dunne, known for his work with heavyweights such as Knocked Loose, Make Them Suffer, Veil Of Maya, and Emmure. Cassetta’s ethos is one of raw power, eschewing frills in favour of unadulterated hardcore energy, with vocalist Conor Eaton’s introspective lyrics guiding listeners through a dark, deeply personal journey.

Comprised of vocalist Conor Eaton (The Keeper), guitarist/songwriter Kevin Fifield (Pressure Cracks/Scars of Tomorrow), Marc Motley (The Arson Choir), Bob Bradley (Fake Figures/Scars of Tomorrow), and Alex Lopez (Suicide Silence), Cassetta is a powerhouse collective poised to dominate the hardcore scene.

In addition to the forthcoming single, Cassetta has also unveiled a limited edition two-song cassette featuring their previous hits, “Swallow the Sun” and “Thin Blue Crime.” This exclusive cassette, accompanied by enamel pins and two distinct shirt designs, is available now via the band’s official Bandcamp store.

Cassetta “Give Them Nothing” single artwork

Cassetta “Give Them Nothing” single artwork