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One Missing Link Premiere Their Inspired Single “Second Kin”

One Missing Link collaborates with female metal singer Robobun for their politically-charged brand new single “Second Kin.”



One Missing Link in 2024
One Missing Link in 2024

With their new single “Second Kin,” One Missing Link taps into life’s ultimate struggle. We’re talking about good vs. evil, light vs. dark, positive against negative. In previous releases, the Iranian metal ensemble has introduced the concept of a mysterious conversation between a righteous Entity and its veiled Specter. In this song, they highlight the conversation between humanity’s light and dark sides.

As the atmosphere gets darker, the Specter screams to manipulate the good inside the Entity’s heart and drag it to its everlasting darkness. “Second Kin” features two vocalists, lead singer Dr. Nikan Nasim plays the part of the Specter and guest star Robobun, a female metal singer from Iran who represents the light side.

Commenting on the song collectively, the members of One Missing Link state:

“‘Second Kin’ represents and unveils the emotions our vocalist Nikan Nasim experienced while working as a general practitioner in a COVID-19 exclusive center. During that time, he wasn’t able to finish the song’s lyrics due to prolonged and exhausting hospital shifts. But last year ‘Second Kin’ somehow emerged once again during the protests against the current regime when an innocent girl was killed by the morality police because she wasn’t wearing her Islamic hijab, which led to the death of more than 500 innocent people in the streets. So we decided to finish the song’s lyrics this time being inspired by all the youth’s longing for their inevitable right to live normally.”

Considering the conditions within which they operate, it was no easy feat for the band even to form. As Nasim explains to us:

“We as a band started this dangerous journey a couple of years ago in Iran, while metal music is forbidden to play or even compose in the first place. We decided to put ourselves together despite all the odds and not bend against the unjust laws that limit our love and creativity for music.”

As Nasim alludes to, heavy metal isn’t exactly welcome within Iran, but he and One Missing Link have not been afraid to do what they love and take a stand while doing it. The band is rounded out by guitarists Mahan Abdollahi and Nima Mohammadi. They combine the sounds of modern metalcore with more traditional heavy metal. Nasim’s story is a testament and an inspiration to anyone apprehensive or needing some motivation. He has defied impossible odds, not just to achieve this level of success with his band but also to become an M.D. in the process. It’s truly a great story from a band that is out to defy expectations and possibilities.

One Missing Link “Second Kin” single artwork

One Missing Link “Second Kin” single artwork