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Space Fight Drop Single “Is It All” Off Upcoming EP ‘Hyperspeed’

Space Fight, the synthy indie-pop act releases a remix of their track, “Is It All”, the lead single from their upcoming EP Hyperspeed.



Space Fight, photo by Kyle Seagraves
Space Fight, photo by Kyle Seagraves

Space Fight, the synthy indie-pop act headed by vocalist Spen Miles, has released a remix of their track, “Is It All,” which was the lead single from their upcoming EP Hyperspeed (due 3/22). The redux of the song was handled by renowned lo-fi artist Allem Iversom, who’s version of the song emphasizes the bands space-like qualities, imbuing the track with an astonishingly hazy, dream-pop sound.

Speaking on the song, Miles said:

“Allem Iversom’s lo-fi remix of ‘Is It All’ embellishes the 80s synthy goodness of the original, seeming to transport us through time to the synth-soaked sounds of yesteryear. By stripping out most of the guitars in favor of even more synths, and lowering the key of the vocals, he creates a dark yet tranquil, nostalgic yet timeless feel. The simplicity of the arrangement allows the lyrics and melody its own space to breathe, and the brief moments of lushness to feel earned. The track was produced by Allem Iversom and Space Fight, mixed by Iversom, and closes out our Hyperspeed EP with a sense of longing, a nod to the past, and a tinge of uncertainty towards the future.”

The follow-up to 2022’s LP Do You Dream In The Daylight – the band’s new EP Hyperspeed sees them exploring a darker and more synth-focused sound. The band produced the EP and features 4 new original songs and a remix by renowned lo-fi producer Allem Iversom. The EP’s non-remix tracks were mixed and mastered by Math Bishop (U2, The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club), except track 4 mixed by Harris Cole.

“Is It All” (Allem Iversom Remix) is out now via all DSPs. The full Hyperspeed EP is due out on 3/22, and you can attend the EP release show at Pianos in NYC.

Hyperspeed EP Track Listing:

1. Is It All
2. Fallin For It
3. Halimede
4. Hyperspeed
5. Is It All (Allem Iversom Remix)

Space Fight ‘Hyperspeed’ single artwork

Space Fight ‘Hyperspeed’ single artwork

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