Sails of Serenity join us for another Stereo Six to give us five records (and one curveball) that helped shape their most recent release, The Crossing, which dropped August 17th via Famined Records. Hailing from Istanbul, these guys rely on serenity and brevity to give us some direct insights into what influenced their latest release. Check it out…

01. Opeth – Ghost Reveries (2005)
– Been jamming this for years and whenever we are together and somebody brings Opeth up, we can’t help but start listening to it. Insanely modern for its time, but full of historical moves and riffs at the same time. One of the best in metal history.

02. Dream Theater – Train of Thought (2003)
– It is not our place to analyze this masterpiece. There are unique feelings that everyone can draw from this 7-piece sea of genius.

03. Caliban – The Undying Darkness (2006)
– This is particularly important for me (Selim) because it is the album that got me into doing screaming vocals. When I heard the first song on that album, “I Rape Myself”, I said “Wow, I want to do this kind of music.” It’s one of the milestones in the metalcore genre and every song on it is a masterpiece!

04. Gojira – From Mars to Sirius (2005)
– It’s an album that contains the band’s unique style in terms of music, concept and attitude at the highest level and it can still be listened to with the same level of excitement.

05. Lamb of God – Ashes of the Wake (2004)
– We’ve all had that phase where Lamb of God was a prophet for us. We almost came to a point where we were a Lamb of God cover band. Each member of that band was a role model for us on our own instruments after that album. We still love and adore Lamb of God for that!

06. *Curveball* Adele – 21 (2011)
– This album turned the tides on her side and it’s been our guilty pleasure ever since.

We thank Sails of Serenity for pushing Turkish progressive metalcore forward while giving us a look into their album’s musical muses. Check below and scope the lyric video for the band’s latest single, and next time you listen to Adele, you can thank her for keeping metalcore alive and well in Turkey.

“Shipwrecked”; when all you were hoping for is a good ol’ ‘Land ho!’.