New Jersey rockers Gatherers are back with their new record We Are Alive Beyond Repair! Hear a sample of the album with the track “Spill.” This is a very multi-layered album, with a lot of ideas, emotions and ideas at work.

“We wanted this album to be as ugly and as horribly truthful as possible,” commented vocalist Rich Weinberger. “It has this very human but flawed connotation to it. It’s very pessimistic. I was reading a lot of Sylvia Plath at the time we were writing this record and I just like that the fabric of our existence is very meek and it’s dull and, no matter what, nothing will ever get better. That was the angle I wanted to explore with this record. It’s the idea of being just being completely unfulfilled, that no matter how much time we put into this band it’ll never be self-fulfilling.”