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Hot off of their newest release, February’s Black Sails, Belarus’ favourite – and possibly only – electro-metal aficionados, Weesp, are offering a free download of the righteous track “Who We Are” from their recent album. On their sophomore full-length, the guys lose some of the electro leanings that featured in earlier work, and continue to embrace their post-rock and metal tendencies in order to create a fuller, arguably more mature sound. Heavy, rumbling bass lines support the lofty, slick melodies of lead guitars, vocals, and occasional keys, and smack in the middle, chugging guitars rage endlessly. It’s an Eastern European, alt-metal extravaganza!

Referring to the track, the band says: “‘Who We Are’ opens the album with a bit of reflective mood but explodes with heavy and recognizable riffing tight away. The theme of complicated choice and thorny path of a person that does not fit in [the] ‘normal’ world and for whom ‘normal’ society values are not enough can be heard clearly in [the] epic “Who We Are”. Social problems, while not being in the centre of the lyrics, can still be recognized in the background in each track from the album.”

And, in case you want more of this song, check out the music video as well.