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10 Heavy Anthems for Your “Fuck (or Pro?) Trump!” Rally

In this totally just-for-fun list – non-partisan, completely neutral, and in no way reflective of PureGrainAudio’s political alignments – list, in no particular order, 10 heavy tunes ideal for your next “Fuck (or Pro?) Trump!” rally.



When politics is brought up in conversation, it’s usually best to just stay clear of the subject. No two people are going to fully agree on politics, nor religion for that matter, and sadly the two usually go hand in hand. Given the current global socio-political climate (more hatred, prejudice, division, classism, smear tactics, hate-filled humans, protests, than normal), we thought we’d get crazy and deliver this non-partisan, completely neutral, and in no way reflective of PureGrainAudio’s political alignments, just-for-fun article wherein we list, in no particular order, 10 heavy tunes ideal for your next “Fuck (or Pro?) Trump!” rally.

01. Rage Against the Machine – “Sleep Now in the Fire”
Zack and the gang, known as Rage Against the Machine, have always stood against the powers that be. When it comes to political views and activism, these guys have never shied away from speaking their minds. The members of Rage have not only sang about the US Government’s policies, but have also taken part in actual protests. So, when it comes to picking out an anti-political tune from this band, there are many, but we felt this one would really stir the fans up. If you watch the video, pay attention to the 1:04 mark; you can actually see a Donald Trump for President in 2000 sign.

02. Megadeth – “Anarchy in the U.K.”
– We know the original is from the Sex Pistols, but we feel Megadeth’s version is more suitable for this article. The word anarchy is the abolition of government, so if this song was blasted loud at a Trump event it would go against everything ol’ Donald is speaking of. We believe we actually need a government, just not a corrupt one, please.

03. Godsmack – “I Fucking Hate You”
– Could you imagine the look on the Republican candidate’s face if this were to be played? I do not know what Sully was thinking when he wrote this song, but we know, with all that has been said by Trump, this would most likely throw him into a shit fit. You can bet your bottom dollar that somebody would be thrown out of the rally.

04. Body Count – “Talk Shit, Get Shot”
– We’re big fans of Ice-T and his rapping, thrash-metal band Body Count. We do not advocate the killing of any innocent individual, nor do we support a murder of anybody on our police force, but when we hear this song, all we can think about is the millions of Latinos who loathe Trump for his anti-illegal immigrant speeches. Trump has ruffled a bunch of feathers with those antics…

05. Motionless in White – “America”
– This is a damn good band and this song seems to point out the wrongs with the country. The lyrics point out some horrifying flaws: “We take medication to be someone else”; we are an over-medicated nation. “Our prices are so high we can’t feed ourselves”; although the price of gas fluctuates, countless jobs have been lost, and the price of a loaf of bread hasn’t wavered. Yet, the ones in office have not sacrificed a damn thing.

06. Anti-Flag – “You’ve Gotta Die for the Government”
– Although this song is over twenty years old, it throws up a bunch of debates by both sides of it all. Is the band speaking of the American troops? It does speak about our troops being guinea pigs for secret, government-built viruses. Despite how factual it may be, if you blast this at a Trump rally, people will go insane!

07. Corrosion of Conformity – “Vote with a Bullet”
– This band has always been dark with their lyrics, but, holy hell, have you actually taken the time to check out the words? “So god bless my soul, I’ve got total control, and the crosshairs lined up dead in my sight…I’m voting with a bullet!” Enough said.

08. Sepultra – “Refuse/Resist”
– This thrash metal band never minds engaging in anti-political lyrics, and this tune seems to incite riots. And, if you think about it, the Trump campaign has been hit with numerous protests and anti-Trump protesters actually causing disorder. So, this song without a doubt belongs in the “Fuck Trump!” rally.

09. Fear Factory – “Fear Campaign”
– “Fear is suffering, intimidate to obey, fear is control, suffering is hell!” Those lyrics can honestly sum up a Donald Trump rally. He has spoken on blocking all Muslims from entering America for a time being and shipping all the illegal immigrants back to their country. He has caused a lot of hate, a ton of anger, and continues to utilize fear in his quest for another term in the White House.

10. Green Day – “American Idiot”
– The media can make or break an individual, and this song points out what the mass media has done in orchestrating paranoia in American homes. Turn on the television: somebody killed this person, a company is shutting their doors, jobless rates on the rise etc. Trump has used this fear to his advantage, so we find this song fitting for screwing with his followers at a Trump rally.