Elder Grown is a band like no other and now they have released an album to prove it.
Their self-titled full length album was created with original songs and compositions by members of the band and truly exhibits their eclectic, groove-inspiring vibe. Where funk meets pop, rock meets hip hop, and jazz meets reggae, Elder Grown meets a new soul-inspired sound that captivates audiences immediately. The band, who has been together for over 10 years, showcase their unique chemistry through the seamless transition between improvisational jams with band members often switching instruments mid-song.

“The name Elder Grown just doesn’t quite fit what these musicians can produce. They should call themselves The Traveling Side-Show Olympians or something off-beat and quirky. But make no mistake. These five musicians are masters of all of these instruments. Every single one of them! They shred. They wail. They riff. They noodle. If you get a chance to see these guys live, you’re in for a gigantic treat!”

— The Grateful Web

Although they mostly save the improvisational moments for live shows, their album displays the exceptional creativity of these musicians. Every song will have you grooving and moving to the beat. “Rolling Thunder” captures their essence by diving into a catchy riff over a strong backbeat that makes it impossible to sit still, breaking into a soaring guitar solo midways through the song. The song “Feel You In The Sun” delivers a very soulful sound, amplifying their versatility with hints of both jazz and reggae. The song catches listeners’ attention quickly with its unique, smooth-jazz-feeling opening. If listeners want to hear the group focus more on their jazz-funk sound, the track “Animal” offers a great upbeat tune which serves a perfect variation of funk, rock, and jazz vibes.
The band defies the rules of genre and tempo with their quirky and passionate sound, that is unlike any other. Elder Grown is an exceptional group who truly knows how to work with music, and how to make it sound great while still having a blast doing it. It is easy to tell that they love what they do by watching their enigmatic live performances, but their new album also speaks volumes about their devotion to having a great sound.

“…Their new self-titled album is worth the wait.”

– Caleb Aeronson, 303 Magazine

Find more information by visiting their website www.eldergrown.com.
Stream the album at https://open.spotify.com/album/6XFxWoeo6ZT5Rb3dCZGpNc

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