You would never think someone would remix an Eminem track, right? Especially someone as young as YBN Cordae. Well it just happened, and, amazingly enough, the beginning of the song sounds like one of the introductions from 8 Mile; about to get on stage and do work!

YBN Cordae’s flow is rambunctious like Marshall’s, lyrics rapid-firing on all cylinders throughout the track with little to no remorse. Cordae says, “Why I’m so fly that I crash lobbies and after it slap thotties, I’m a rap fanatic who rap fantastic without the platinum status, why I’m blastin’ the maddest ‘cause most of these cats is average (uh).” Say that one out loud. It’s a bit of a tongue twister. YBN has no shame in making fun of himself either, deflecting all chirps from other artists. Heck, he even makes fun of his own hairstyle herein. Short dreadlocks like everyone else. A typical Eminem move to make fun of yourself and then lash out at another individual.

This cut is a blast from the past, a young guy exercising ‘90s hip-hop with a 21st century bass sound. The beat is pretty much the same as the original, “My Name Is”, released in 1999. This isn’t to say he’s the next Eminem, however, we might have just found an artist that captures Mathers’ personality.

YBN Cordae is one of the newer members of the YBN clan. There is little information to go on, but we can assume he is still a teenager, like the other YBN’s, Nahmir and Almighty J. One thing’s for certain, though, we know who will be fighting the battles for YBN: this lyrical genius!

Information and research help by: Francesco Colosimo

Run Time: 2:48
Release Date: May 9, 2018

Take in Cordae’s video for “My Name Is”.