Trevor Church is a bit of a renaissance rocker; as the son of Montrose bassist Bill Church he has had a colourful learning curve and upbringing in such an atmosphere for sure. Of course, many who already know of the wondrous axeman though his prime outfit Beastmaker, also know of his skills in both soloing and songwriting.

Enter Luminous Eyes, an EP with a lot to chew on. Church has taken the time to showcase his very real love for crafting late-70s, early-80s NWOBHM styled tracks, and the results are pretty cool. Chances are if you didn’t already know about Mr. Church’s involvement with Haunt, you’re too busy air-guitaring to care.

The title track is an excellent round-up of what the EP has to offer those who crave metal of old. The sensibilities, style, structure, and tone make everything here feel very natural, where it’s just not so easy for any modern rock or metal act to deliver. Even Trevor’s vocals and Iron Maiden-esque guitar harmonies hold a specific purpose for the songs.

Make no mistake, either among Angel Witch, Praying Mantis, or Diamond Head, Haunt’s initial offering is in revered company. Let each of the four slices of this filling appetizer serve as a very hopeful nod for a future album, which WILL be soon if there’s justice; either way, just much more please!

Luminous Eyes Track Listing:

01. Luminous Eyes
02. As Fire Burns
03. No Master
04. Fallen Star

Run Time: 17:57
Release Date: December 29, 2017

Hear the full Luminous Eyes EP, here!