Inspired by the likes of Royal Blood, Muse and early Soundgarden, UK alt-rockers Crimson Star release their new EP, Bay View, on January 19th so, ahead of release, we sat down and got the lowdown on the EP from the band.

1. The Pragmatist
This one is the opening track from the EP and it’s also our current single. It’s about the lengths a person would go to just to get something/someone they love! We also made a video for the track.

2. La Prom
This track is about dealing with the loss of loved ones due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, coming through that pain and coming together with others who have been hurt during those hard times.

3. Once
Next up, we have “Once”, which talks about a love story of a man and woman who find each other after many years of being apart.

4. Euthanise Me
The lyrics for this track focus around a tale of a man who is tortured by past memories and they are eating away at his mind and he is now wishing to be put out of their misery.

5. Gimme Some…
The closing track of the EP is “Gimme Some…”. We live in a world filled with media misinformation and not knowing what to actually believe! Fake news. This track’s content is so relevant to our current times.

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