– On the 1st episode of the Hardcore Henderson Podcast on PureGrainAudio, your host, The Big Dog, Benny Henderson Jr. features an interview with vocalist Zeb Christensen of the Omaha-based hard rock band, Screaming for Silence.

Benny and Zeb touch on various topics such as, the band’s upcoming EP release, House of Glass, thoughts on the new music, and cool bands Zeb has worked with. He also has a short but interesting story concerning Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach and a football.

Including other cool topics, the WTF News, and some killer music, this is a must-hear!

01. Dead Animal Assembly Plant – “Rise With Me”
02. Covina – “Redefine the Purpose”
03. Toadies – “I Come from the Water”
04. Screaming for Silence – “House of Glass”