These remastered versions of the classic Kreator albums are a metal fan’s wet dream. What I feel are the four best albums in the bands extensive catalog have been given new life. Endless Pain, Pleasure to Kill, Terrible Certainty and Extreme Aggression have been refreshed and polished (although not too much) and really shine, making them even more enjoyable to snap your neck and bang your head to.

Even though these albums were released back in the 80’s they still hold up great and, with the new polish, keep up with just about anything else on the thrash market. Kreator’s influence runs deep through bands of the genre even to today as their often imitated wall of aggression and sound is distinctive and powerful. Music is the most powerful force I know of – it has the ability to transport you back in time and at the risk of dating myself that is exactly what these records did. Within moments of the first riffs I was back in my mom’s basement, hanging with some buddies banging our heads.

The addition of a couple live EPs and the choice to pick these bad boys up on vinyl make the package well worth purchasing. If you like you metal served up heavy and fast then it may serve you well to pick these remasters up, they don’t disappoint.

Pleasure To Kill Track Listing:

01.Intro (Choir of the Damned)
02. Ripping Corpse
03. Death Is Your Saviour
04. Pleasure to Kill
05. Riot of Violence
06. The Pestilence
07. Carrion
08. Command of the Blade
09. Under the Guillotine
10. Flag of Hate
11. Take Their Lives
12. Awakening of the Gods

Endless Pain Track Listing:

01. Endless Pain
02. Total Death
03. Storm of the Beast
04. Tormentor
05. Son of Evil
06. Flag of Hate
07. Cry War
08. Bonebreaker
09. Living In Fear
10. Dying Victims
11. Satan’s Day (Blitzkrieg Demo)
12. Messenger from Burning Hell (Blitzkrieg Demo)
13. Armies of Hell (End of the World Demo)
14. Tormentor (End of the World Demo)
15. Cry War (End of the World Demo)
16. Bonebreaker (End of the World Demo)

Extreme Aggression Track Listing:

01. Extreme Aggression
02. No Reason to Exist
03. Love Us or Hate Us
04. Stream of Consciousness
05. Some Pain Will Last (1996 Remastered Version)
06. Betrayer
07. Don’t Trust
08. Bringer of Torture
09. Fatal Energy

CD 2
01. Some Pain Will Last (Live in East Berlin 1990)
02. Extreme Aggression (Live in East Berlin 1990)
03. Under the Guillotine (Live in East Berlin 1990)
04. Toxic Trace (Live in East Berlin 1990)
05. Bringer of Torture (Live in East Berlin 1990)
06. Pleasure to Kill (Live in East Berlin 1990)
07. Flag of Hate (Live in East Berlin 1990)
08. Terrible Certainty (Live in East Berlin 1990)
09. Riot of Violence (Live in East Berlin 1990)
10. Love Us or Hate Us (Live in East Berlin 1990)
11. Behind the Mirror (Live in East Berlin 1990)
12. Betrayer (Live in East Berlin 1990)
13. Awakening of the Gods (Live in East Berlin 1990)
14. Tormentor (Live in East Berlin 1990)

Terrible Certainty Track Listing:

01. Blind Faith
02. Storming with Menace
03. Terrible Certainty
04. As the World Burns
05. Toxic Trace
06. No Escape
07. One of Us
08. Behind the Mirror

CD 2
01. Impossible to Cure
02. Lambs to the Slaughter
03. Terrible Certainty (Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven)
04. Riot of Violence (Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven)
05. Awakening of the Gods (Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven)
06. Flag of Hate (Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven)
07. Love Us or Hate Us (Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven)
08. Behind the Mirror (Live)

Check out the track “Extreme Aggression”