Anyone else would have a hard time trying to fathom out the remarkable scope of Austin-based outfit US Weekly, but it becomes more overwhelming when you take in the tragically hip aesthetic they’ve got going on in addition to their downbeat and scoured sound. Taking the best parts of Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., and Pissed Jeans, the quartet moves around parts with ease and dramatic, frenetic pace. It’s pretty wild stuff, boisterous and loud and snotty, while also maintaining a level of gravitas and maturity that’s severely lacking in art-noise-rock circles these days. It also doesn’t hurt that the band’s name is a perfect pisstake of the kind of kitsch on the opposite side of which these disaffected Austin natives have positioned themselves.

Guitar parts are nervous and tendril-like, with enough change-ups and robust power that it all moves gracefully. Of course, the rhythm section moves in not entirely unpredictable ways, but it’s all a medley of parts that are pushing the listener to the edge of comparisons to other D.C. art-wave culprits such as Black Eyes or even their ancestors Fugazi. It’s all a blaze of inspired art noise, at the end of the day, and it’s all lent a punk sensibility by the snotty yelling vocals that immediately remind the listener of Pissed Jeans and Metz.

It’s a welcome addition to a stellar cast of Austin groups that are pushing the envelope, and more widely the art noise scene respectively. While it’s not the catchiest out of the palette of bands that are fronting this sound, it also happens to be endlessly captivating and madly in love with making a ruckus, which is a good thing for listeners who like it raw.

US Weekly Track Listing:

01. No Attitude
02. A/C
03. American Piss
04. New Obsessions
05. Creative Class
06. Interlude
07. Outside Relaxing
08. Women
09. Cowboy
10. Ad Experience
11. Percocet

Run Time: 32:29
Release Date: April 21, 2017

Check out the song “Creative Class”


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