I am indeed old; when this first came out on Bludgeon Riffola Records — the Lep’s DIY label-imprint at the time — I was still bopping to KISS, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC at a healthy 9 years old! My first ever “all-by-myself” record store buy was even Pyromania, based off of what I heard before in their classics On Through The Night and High And Dry. The circle is finally here to get closed, as I get to hear their raw origins for myself after decades of fables.

I am so in love with the sound of the era of end-of-70s to early-80s, such a precarious and exciting time to get caught on wax. Though “Getcha Rocks Off” (shortened later to “Rocks Off”) and “The Overture” were later re-recorded for the B-side of On Through The Night, the unearthed jewel of this set is “Ride Into The Sun.” I’m just a fan of Pete Willis and Steve Clark’s dual axe attack is all; history being what it is of course, but there was a smoulder and spark they just had. All I’m saying is they didn’t call Steve Clark “Steamin'” for nothing!

A classic collector’s EP, to say the least. For the true fan at heart, especially one fortunate enough to be around for the band’s humble beginnings.

The Def Leppard EP Track Listing:

01. Ride Into The Sun
02. Getcha Rocks Off
03. The Overture

Run Time: 14:17
Release Date: April 22, 2017

Check out the track “Getcha Rocks Off”