Salt Lake City-based investigative sludge/math metal trio The Ditch and the Delta are previewing their new album Hives In Decline with a stream of new song “Fuck On Asphalt.” The album was engineered by Andy Patterson of Subrosa and it shows the band further exploring different aspects of sound design within their unique version of doom and sludge metal. The songs employ different tunings and modal centers which helps the band avoid many of the usual doom trappings of excessive feedback, static harmony, and pentatonic riffs.

The lyrical content of “Fuck On Asphalt” looks at everyday life and the constant suppression and alienation that accompanies it. The band is made up of three men from the Mormon-dominated state of Utah so they would known the feeling of resentment and disdain growing up in such a culture. Battleground Records will issue Hives In Decline on vinyl and digital formats on May 12th.