U.K. punk trio Girls In Synthesis released their debut AA single The Mound/Disappear on March 17. Opening track “The Mound” is two and a half minutes of hard-driving, cacophonous noise that is reminiscent of the early years of classic U.K. punk bands like The Sex Pistols, The Adverts, and The Damned – but with a distinctly modern twist.

The short track never stops long enough for listeners to catch their breath – assaulting their eardrums right off the bat with piercing feedback, before launching into an aggressive 6/4 drum beat that charges on mercilessly throughout. The guitar riff is barely audible through the heavy bass and percussion that dominate the song; as choppy, cryptic vocals are barked overtop.

The song revs into overdrive in the last twenty seconds as the assault of drums, bass, feedback, distortion, and vocals all culminate in a sinister, occult-like chant. This chant continues to build into an ear-splitting shriek before finally reaching a cathartic release – likely just before the listener’s brain would have reached maximum capacity and imploded.

With this release, Girls In Synthesis have solidified their stance in the punk scene and proven they’re definitely a band to watch out for. Since forming in late 2016, the trio has set out to “aurally represent the noise and violence of the modern world.” If “The Mound” is any indication of the rest of their music, I’d say they’re doing a pretty damn good job.

Run Time: 2:31
Release Date: March 17, 2017

Check out the band’s video for the song “The Mound”