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Super Snake, “is a Ouija board chopped up into little pieces, made into kindling, stuffed into your pipe.” That’s how this New Jersey-based psyched-out rock quintet is describing their sound… and you know what? We might just be the right kind of stoned, ’cause we totally agree. In this exclusive premiere, we’re stoked to help the gents further promote their upcoming full-length, Leap Of Love, via a free download of their new song “Spirit Cave.”

Leap Of Love is due out on February, 14th, Valentine’s Day, in all formats but will first be available in physical format on February 3rd during the band’s album release show at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ. The new album, which the band say is “a mouthful of psychedelics washed down with ten beers while listening to Black Sabbath and the dirtier parts of Sonic Youth” was recorded with The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Kevin Antreassian in a haunted cabin on a 150-acre-property in the middle-of-nowhere northern Virginia.

Said the band’s Jerry Jones of the song: “‘Spirit Cave’ is probably the most organic, piecemealed song on the album. What started out as a simple bass, drum and vocal exercise, ‘Spirit Cave’ became thoroughly atmospheric (via Pete August’s swirly, warpy background drone) and unabashedly monsterific (via Joe Laga’s gigantor of a riff in the bridge section). The song went through a couple of facelifts as far as what part goes where, but the writing process was wrapped up in a matter of days; a rare event for this album. The lyrics seemed so obvious to me; like they were just waiting to be pulled from the air for this song. I honestly don’t think you can have more fun listening to an obsessed narrator gushing about his love of a treacherous gold digger getting away with cold blooded murder. Top it off with Jesse Mariani’s bendy, psyched out organ – and obviously, you can’t help but smile.”


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