One thing that has always surprised me about the heavy music scene out in Australia is how on point everything is. Obviously, like most scenes there will be a lot of crud but when your region is responsible for spewing up albums like Warpath then the production-line of shitty bands can be forgiven.

Alongside the likes of Thy Art Is Murder and Aversions Crown, Boris The Blade rarely drop a bum note on their new album Warpath. A dark cocktail of nu-metal anger, djent-y groove and death metal brutality, Warpath is a disturbing listen from start to finish. Through the likes of “Backstabber”, “Nihilist” and “Omens”, the Australian outfit bludgeon their way through some of the darkest, most uncomfortable sounds you’ll have heard on an album in a good while.

All done with the kind of groove that, no matter how slightly disturbed the whole listening experience leaves you feeling, will have you nodding your head along within minutes of the first death metal blow smashing into your skull. Musically, there is little you can fault the Melbourne band on. They’re technical without ever sounding like they’re showing off, the anger and angst of the nu-metal world is done with class and, with their vocalist Boris The Blade have a frontman who has the persona of a schizophrenic serial killer down to a tee.

There was a time back in the day when Slipknot dropped Iowa and, in doing so, threw death metal right into the mainstream. Albums like Warpath, while having that dark aura that releases like Iowa possessed, are simply a new level of disgusting heaviness that will leave those of a weaker disposition cowering in the corner.

Warpath Track Listing:

01. Warpath
02. Backstabber
03. Misery (feat CJ McMahon)
04. Nihilist
05. Omens (feat Scott Lewis)
06. Paralysed
07. Thorns
08. Devastator
09. Elixir (feat Tim Goergen)
10. Solace

Run Time: 36:17
Release Date: January 27, 2017

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