You know that feeling when your favourite character in a movie dies a most tragic death and you’re gutted, everything is terrible, and you’re not quite sure how you’ll carry on? Then suddenly you see he (or she) emerge from the rubble and your entire being is like “YAAAAS… WE MADE IT!” That’s the moment for which “Hard Style”, the opening song on Diarrhea Planet’s Turn To Gold, was made.

Turn To Gold doesn’t disappoint, and it’s perfect listening for the summer. Track after track, the album begs to be played on the beach. Diarrhea Planet knows what works for them and they put it to excellent use; each song offers a catchy, upbeat tune that is easy to listen to over and over again. Everyone is obsessed with the ’90s these days and Diarrhea Planet has used it to their advantage, taking influences from ’90s pop punk bands and blending it into their own contemporary style.

Sure, their sound has matured, but they held onto the music that makes them easily identifiable in a genre that sees so many bands easily bleed from one into the next. It’s hard to tell who influences whom in the giant tangled mess of the music industry, but it sounds like Diarrhea Planet have taken some influence from psychedelic rockers Wax Fang. While their style is entirely their own, some of the licks off of Turn To Gold are reminiscent of early Wax Fang (pre-Astronaut).

With four guitarists in their line-up, this album has all the guitar a music lover could ever want. The best part of their guitar heavy line-up though, is that they never over do it. No one listens to them and thinks “eh, I could do with a little less guitar.” I can’t wait to hear the dirty punks playing at the beach, in a park, on my headphones… either way I’ve got Diarrhea all summer long!

Turn To Gold Track Listing:

01. Hard Style
02. Announcement
03. Life Pass
04. Let It Out
05. Bob Dylan’s Grandma
06. Ruby Red
07. Ain’t A Sin To Win
08. Dune
09. Hot Topic
10. Lie Down
11. Headband

Run Time: 41:57
Release Date: June 10, 2016

Check out the song “Let It Out”