After a three year hiatus from the spotlight, ex-Hinder frontman, Austin John Winkler, is back with both a new sound and EP entitled, Love Sick Radio. Winkler, who served twelve years as lead vocalist for the multi-platinum selling rock band Hinder, exited the group in 2013 for various reasons. Since then, Winkler’s career laid seemingly dormant but the Oklahoma native recently noted that the entire time he was working on his new sound.

Love Sick Radio features six new Austin John tracks, music unlike anything his fans will be used to. The new tunes are extremely contemporary, very pop-sounding, definitely not in the vein of his work with Hinder. While his recognizable voice hasn’t changed – he still has the rockfish tone about him – fans may have to give this EP a listen or two before making up their minds.

“Howlin'” for example, is a decent tune. It has a country twang to it and it features the voice of Jesse James Decker, which compliments the song quite well. The music is certainly fresh… it’s by no means bad, just different from the typical Winkler sound to which fans have grown accustomed. Like rock but also have a penchant for pop? This should be right up your alley.

Love Sick Radio Track Listing:

01. Clique 2 Follow
02. The Plague (feat. Sophie Summers)
03. Carry You
04. Howlin’ (feat. Jessie James Decker)
05. Road to Paradise
06. Hate the Way I’m Loving It

Run Time: 19:42
Release Date: April 22, 2016

Check out the song “Carry You”