Right out of Perth, Australia, the scene is set, The Caballeros – not the cartoon trio fronted by Donald Duck – are saloon-frequenting, cowboy rockers in the Australian outback. At least that is what I imagine when I hear “Call The Doctor”. Lead singer Jake “Dr. Green” England belts out what sounds like gruff cowboy rock alongside fervent finger-bleeding blues guitar and powered up drumming.

It’s evident from the first note that “Call The Doctor” isn’t the kind of track to sit on. It’s the kind of ear wormy song rife with obvious highs and lows that will have you inevitably singing “call the doctor/tell him I’m sick…” along with it.

“Call The Doctor” speaks for itself, it’s catchy-as-hell.

Run Time: 2:47
Release Date: April 11, 2016

Check out the song “Call The Doctor”.


Danica Bansie is a music supervisor by day, writer and live music photographer by night, and arts & culture obsessed all the moments in between. You can find her with headphones on in Vancouver, Canada.