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Pumping Metal: THERE IS NO US Guitarist Andy Gerold Discusses Personal Trainers, Free Weights, Supplements and More

We emailed with Andy Gerold (ex-Marilyn Manson, Ashes Divide, Rock of Ages) of Las Vegas, NV metal act There Is No Us to find out how health and fitness factor into his music.



Formed in June 2015 by 3 very good, long-time friends, Las Vegas, NV metal act There Is No Us are quickly on the rise. Armed with great music thanks to their 6-song EP Farewell To Humanity (released on September 29, 2015), the group is pushing their tunes to anyone and everyone. Recently, we emailed with Andy Gerold (ex-Marilyn Manson, Ashes Divide, Rock of Ages) to find out how health and fitness factor into his music.

Why and when did you got into fitness in the first place?
Gerold: A few years ago I started playing in a show called Rock of Ages and there were a few people that got me into fitness and working out. As a hired musician you need to look the part and be in shape in order to make sure they have no excuse not to hire you. As long as you can play!

What about exercise, health and fitness makes you take it seriously?
Gerold: I think as you get older you can either go one way or the other. I actually wish I would have started earlier in life, but it’s never too late. I also just stopped eating meat for numerous reasons including the negative health effects. I love the feeling you get after a workout. It’s so good for your mental health as well as your physical health. It’s a great stress reliever.

Weights, cardio, calisthenics, CrossFit, MMA… what’s your jam?
Gerold: I tried all kinds of stuff and in the end I found a great personal trainer that just has me on weights. Mostly free weights. I do cardio on my own.

Describe your weekly routine and/or an average workout for you?
Gerold: I’m usually at the gym 5 times a week. I go in the daytime for cardio and at night after I play my show I do weights. It’s nice at night because there aren’t as many people in the gym and I don’t have to wait for things. I like to do the typical arms, legs, chest, back and shoulder daily routines but sometimes I’ll switch it up and do push, pull and leg weeks.

What music gets you extra pumped when you’re exercising?
Gerold: I like to listen to all kinds of music when I work out. It just depends on my mood.

Do you ever listen to your own band’s music when working out?
Gerold: Actually, for There Is No Us, I mix and master everything on my own so the gym is a good time to listen to mixes and take notes about things I wanna fix.

Being a touring musician, how do you stay fit on the road?
Gerold: It all depends on the gig. With Marilyn Manson we stayed in pretty nice hotels so the gyms were always great. When you’re in a van and you stay at Motel 6 it’s a little harder.

Some people go Vegetarian and Vegan while others slam steaks, whole poultry farms, and a kitchen sink in regimented 6-meal sittings. Where does your diet sit?
Gerold: I don’t eat meat. I still eat fish so between that, tofu and protein powder I get plenty of protein. Lots of vegetables as well.

Supplements, yay or nay, and why/why not?
Gerold: I use protein powder, creatine and BCAA powder. I think it helps. It comes down to habit as well. Having a regime is key to staying on target.

How do you find your healthy lifestyle impacts your music and/or live performance?
Gerold: Working out keeps you in good spirits and helps keep you inspired to write and play music.

Do you balance the “rockstar” lifestyle with being fit/healthy? Or is it 1 or the other for you?
Gerold: I have a good balance. I know when to take time off drinking. But I definitely will go out drinking every now and again.

What’s your opinion on performance enhancing drugs?
Gerold: I think the pro bodybuilders have to use in order to compete. That doesn’t take anything away from how hard they work. The gym I go to pretty much hosts the Olympia contest and I see those guys in the gym working harder then anybody.

Check out the song “Angels Face with Devils Hands”.

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