Kvelertak’s rise has been quite outstanding. Even after just two albums their unique brand of heavy music has seen them become one of the most important and revered heavy rock bands of modern times. That has, of course, put a lot of pressure on the group for album number three, Nattesferd… Not that you would be able to tell though, as opener “Dendrofil For Yggdrasil” instantly sets a high standard.

And the good news keeps coming…. the rest of the recording doesn’t fail to deliver. Track after track Kvelertak reiterate the fact that they’re excellent songwriters with tunes like “Berserkr” and “Bronsegud” standing out as highlights. Every single one of the nine songs that comprises Nattesferd possesses its own certain charm and, when combined, they form one formidable offering. Nattesferd is the sound of a band of artists who are completely comfortable with themselves and the music they create which, in this case, makes for an outstanding release.

If after all the hubbub and hype from the first two Kvelertak albums you’re not sold, then Nattesferd should serve to put most remaining doubts to bed. With their mixture of rock n’ roll, punk and metal they’ve created something truly unique and, even three albums in, it sounds as fresh as it did on their debut. Come the end of the year I’d expect Nattesferd to be right up there in most “album of the year” polls; it’s nearly a masterpiece.

Track Listing:

01. Dendrofil For Yggdrasil
02. 1985
03. Nattesferd
04. Svartmesse
05. Bronsegud
06. Ondskapens Galakse
07. Berserkr
08. Heksebrann
09. Nekrodamus

Run Time: 45:20
Release Date: May 13, 2016

Check out the song “1985”.