At around 2:00 pm on Wednesday, November 13, I connected by phone with Vidar Landa, one of Kvelertak’s guitarists. At that time he was just unloading the band’s the tour bus in preparation for a show at Underground Arts in Philadelphia. The fast-growing rock group is currently on tour with High On Fire – be sure to check them out live! The conservation below was all about the tour, vices, and recreation – check it out.

The release of Meir, the new album from Norwegian scrotes Kvelertak is a big deal. Actually, when I say a big deal, I mean a big deal in the rock world. In the rock world, the hype surrounding this record is akin to the sort of hype afforded to bands like the Deftones. Yes, we’re talking frothing mouth levels of excitement and, if you’ve seen the band ripping venues a new one or had any exposure to their raucous Norwegian rock ‘n’ roll, then it’s hard not to understand why.