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Throaat – “Black Speed” [EP] [Album Review]

Inspired by the likes of Motorhead and Venom, Black Speed the new EP from New York trio Throaat may not mean shit to modern metal kids but will certainly get approval from him downstairs.



Inspired by the feral sounds spewed out by heavy metal legends like Motorhead and Venom, Throaat keep that tradition going with the raw sounds on their new five-track EP, Black Speed. Comprising of five blasts of buzzing thrashy speed metal, this metallic outfit complete their tribute to the metal greats by finishing off the release with a cover of the Venom classic “In League With Satan”.

With a sound built up of simplistic riffs, black metal vocals and more traditional heavy metal traits, the material on Black Speed is built for headbanging. Songs like “Explode From Living Flame” are the epitome of what heavy metal used to be about, back in the days when all your favourite metal bands still had acne and long hair. Uncomplicated and uncluttered, Throaat batter out a hellish sound as songs like “Rampage” live up to their very metal names.

Black Speed is an EP that, while it may not mean shit to the modern metal kids, will not only be welcomed in the underground thrash/black metal scenes with open arms, but will also surely gain an approving nod from “him” downstairs.

Track Listing:

01. The Tortures
02. Her Altar Needs More Blood (Sign of the Coven)
03. Explode From Living Flame
04. Rampage
05. In League With Satan

Run Time: 34:07
Release Date: August 3, 2015

Check out some of the band’s music here.

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