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An Elegy – “Embrace The Rain” [EP] [Album Review]

On their new EP, UK newcomers An Elegy show that, if you put a bit of thought into it, heavy music can be much more devastating. Read our review here.



The deathcore/metalcore scene in the UK is spewing up some truly crushing bands at the moment. Following the likes of Black Tongue, acts like Midlands-based An Elegy are churning out some truly brutal sounds. Embrace The Rain is their new six-track offering which, in just over nineteen minutes, sets the group up for quite a promising future.

Sure, while the blueprint for their sound may not be anything new (I know, that’s an accusation you can level at most bands from this genre), the way An Elegy set about their business certainly grabs your attention. With minimum fuss, the likes of opener “Ghost” and “Hidebound” combine sludgy deathcore with crunchy, techy metal to create a sound which, when filled out with a sparse but intelligent use of effects, gives off a feeling that this material is written by a band who are painfully aware that heavy music can be that much more devastating if you put a bit of thought into it.

While it may only be nineteen minutes long, Embrace The Rain is definitely a step in the right direction for these boys, so let’s now see if they can manage to maintain this high standard for the duration of a full-length release.

Track Listing:

01. Ghost
02. Hidebound
03. Chailleann Tu Me
04. VII
05. Ghost Pt.II
06. Embrace The Rain

Run Time: 19:32
Release Date: July 27, 2015

Check out the song “Hidebound” here.

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