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Patrons – “The Momentary Effects Of Sunlight” [EP] [Album Review]

This new EP from Plymouth post-hardcore chaps Patrons sets things up nicely for a future that hints at something quite magical.



The Momentary Effects Of Sunlight release is the second EP from Devon post-hardcore quartet Patrons, a band who throw everything bar the kitchen sink into their passionate, powerful sound. Okay, so it may only be four tracks long, but those four songs are packed to the brim with more energy, power, and emotion than most bands pack into an entire career.

The EP kicks off with a slow, brooding build-up hooking you in as it works itself into a frenzy of driving riffs and abrasive vocals on opener “Lost Age”. Like I said though, Patrons pack in as much as they can on their sound as the almost jazzy passages which break up the sound demonstrate. Not to worry, this isn’t the sound of a group who have just thrown together a million ideas, as the likes of “Circus” and the brilliant closer “Blood Symphony” show, this is really intelligent stuff. Well crafted, thoughtful, powerful stuff that is thoroughly deserving of all the praise the quartet are getting.

With two well-received EPs under their belts now, 2015 will be a big year for this band so, hopefully, when the band come to record a full-length album, they’ll be ready to spread their wings because, as this EP shows, all the signs are pointing to something quite magical.

Track Listing:

01. Lost Age
02. Circus
03. Old Rain
04. Blood Symphony

Run Time: 19:03
Release Date: March 13, 2015

Check out the video for “Lost Age” here.

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