Singing The Night Away

Review and Photos by Don Quincy

What a night to be a 90’s child now grown up! A beautiful Monday night saw the return to Toronto of a couple of singalong bands, namely Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind for what felt like the perfect kick off to summer concerts!
The night was off to a great start with Quiet Company – though they were far from quiet – as the band and their energetic frontman, Taylor Muse, got the night rolling.
Next up was co-headliners Dashboard Confessional. Whether it was the three Red Bulls or just something in the air, Chris Carrabba was on fire.  He hopped off stage almost immediately in order to the get up front and personal with the fans, and the night of singalongs began. With fans taking over the lines on many of the songs, it was as if Dashboard never missed a beat with their time away.
Not to be outdone, Third Eye Blind hit the stage with their own barrage of singalong hits. It seems that everyone has a place in their heart for at least one 3EB song, whether it be the nostalgic side or the most current tuneage.  With their newest release dropping the day after the show, fans were enthusiastically singing or dancing – or both –  to the melodies of 3EB on this night.
Hitting up the stage for an encore with their hit “Semi-Charmed Life”, the night   came to a close.  It was a wonderful evening and great way to ‘graduate’ into summer.