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Album Review

iVardensphere – Fable – Album Review



Metropolis Records

 By: Matthew Bamber

Here it is, the brand new album from the tribal trance electro group known as iVardensphere. The album is titled Fable and features 14 of the most intricately created tracks recorded to date. Scott Fox heads iVardensphere along with Jamie Blacker on electronics, drums and vocals, Yann Faussurier (electronics), Sean Malley (drums), and Chuck Murphy (drums/vocals).

Depth… that is the perfect word to describe this album. As a group that deals mainly with tribal melodies, there is the traditional drum beat that litters the background of most songs. The talent presented comes with all the additional tones; both real world and studio. Every song is entirely different and yet follow the same theme and genre. With trance elements as well as the tribal tones, the intricacies that are embedded within each track are astounding. I have been listening to the album for a good two hours and am still being surprised by new and specific sounds I am hearing.

The opening track Million Year Echo sets the stage for an ominous, dark song, but the narrative that lays comfortably over the melody creates a story that gains amplification and intensity as the song and narrative unfold. The song Messiah takes on a middle-eastern groove complete with what sounds like hand drums.

It amazes me that iVardensphere can still keep consistent with their genre of tribal trance and yet still come up with so many song ideas that have few parallels. It is this that makes this album worth a listen.  Fable will be released March 10th through Metropolis Records.