MapleMusic Recordings

By: Matthew Bamber

This just in is the debut album Northern Lies from local Toronto band Sun K. The release is the gate breaker for the band who have been together since 2013 and have hand crafted their sound to create something rather unique.

What do you get when you cross a little folk, some raunchy guitar melodies, and a little blues? Well… Sun K. This whole album is perfect for a long drive up the coast on a summer day. It contrasts elements from bands like Death Cab for Cutie, The Tragically Hip, and has major vocal similarities to The Gaslight Anthem. Through these connections of genres, something truly amazing comes together in Northern Lies that makes me want to hear more.

The band is Kristian Montano (vocals, guitars, harmonica), Stuart Retallack (horns, keyboards, backing vocals), Kevin Michael Butler (strings, guitars, backing vocals), JuHang Sin (bass), and Aaron Bravener (drums). As you can tell by the breakdown of instruments, there are a lot of sounds that accent the songs perfectly. In the track ‘Sweet Marie’ I really enjoyed the horn in the background which added something comforting about the song. The up-beat breakdown of guitar melodies in ‘New York City Blues’ makes it a fun song to listen to as well.

The album will be released March 10th through MapleMusic Recordings and you can catch the band across Canada in the next few months as they begin their tour. Be sure to check them out!