Detroit-based band, The Vig Arcadia, released their new EP Vol. 1 today—and it’s a diverse collection of songs demonstrating the range of their sound.

The group describes their sonic styling as a combination of electric Alternative Rock, Pop, Blues, and Funk. Track to track, The Vig Arcadia travels from tight guitar riff-driven themes, to large anthem-style choruses, to heartfelt ballads, and much in between.

The EP marks the first cataloged release for the band, but it’s a group that’s been playing together for years in advance of it. The advantage being, they’ve had the time to narrow in on what can be so elusive to so many bands—their own sound.

In their words:

“We’ve written a lot of different music over the last couple years and these songs really feel like our sound and highlight best who we are as a collective.”

From a Detroit city that’s rich in musical heritage and output, you can add another feather in that musical hat for 2023. Listen to the new EP from The Vig Arcadia—now streaming everywhere.