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M.A.G.S. Gives Listeners A Peek Into His Brain In New Single “Elephant”



Following the news of his signing to Orlando-based label Smartpunk Records, indie rocker M.A.G.S. (Elliott Douglas) is flipping the chapter of a new era with his latest release, “Elephant.” Staying true to the DIY roots that kicked off his musical career, M.A.G.S.’ newest single comes from a surrealist’s point of view, taking listeners into a wild and twisted fever dream that holds you in perfect balance between chaos and tranquility with no room to breathe.

Caleb Campbell of described the track as “…part raucous and shouty rager and part melodic rock sing-along, driven equally by towering walls of guitars and sweet vocal harmonies. Even more than on his last record, Douglas’ songwriting feels restless and fevered, twisting through wild riffs, fiery guitar soloing, and throat-shredding group vocals.”

“Elephant” was born from the creative minds of Douglas and producer Jay Mass, assembling what is M.A.G.S.’ newest musical exploration to date.

“I really let my imagination run wild as I was making this song. Lately I’ve been mastering all the different styles I’ve picked up over the years and blending them together to make something that is undeniably me. And I was fortunate to get to work with a producer as knowledgeable as Jay (Maas), the intuition he had for my vision allowed me to take chances and dive into areas of my sound I hadn’t yet explored.”

Douglas was also able to dive into his own experience with ADHD to create a sound and vision that is equally ferocious and calculated.

“‘Elephant’ is really about staying true to yourself and trusting your gut. I’m ADHD as fuck so my attention rarely stays in one place for more than a few moments, distractions can take me off my path if I’m not mindful. In a lot of ways, ‘Elephant’ represents a peek inside my mind at any given time.”
– M.A.G.S.