Progressive metal is not a genre of music for the faint of heart, and in that vein, newcomers of the scene I, Omega are not to be taken lightly. Their debut full-length album, Transients, features 10 tracks that are quite technical, even symphonic at times, but most notably, they are remarkably catchy. Their debut showcases their raw talent as skilled musicians, featuring riffs that will make your head spin and a singer with a vocal range so vast and precisely pitched, that the overall song composition is set to astound even the pickiest listener.

I, Omega weaves together an album devoid of a dull moment, and executes a finished product that is as clean as it is technical. The track “En Longa Somnum”, for example, is hauntingly beautiful and multidimensional in its rhythmic makeup. The song builds and breaks like waves at the shore, with this band’s signature attitude and style.

Vocalist Clay Nevels shows pipes that would make musical legends proud in the track “Shaking Hands With Sinatra.” This song is intricate, technical and musically sound with a chorus as addicting as the tunes popularized by its very namesake.

“Fake Somebodies: Real Nobodies” speaks volumes to just how multifaceted this quintet is, featuring lyrical themes that have a pertinent message of staying true to oneself. This real theme, layered over mind-bending guitar, groovy bass licks, earth-shattering drums and vocal capabilities could impassion any audience.

For their first full-length, I, Omega has set the bar high, and I for one am enthralled by their take on progressive metal. Transients is available via Bullet Tooth Records on July 15, 2014. ​

Track Listing:

01. Conflict Absolution (Act. I)
02. An Evening With Morning Star (Act. II)
03. Shuddering At Calm Seas
04. Suffer Now And Live
05. Half Way Home
06. The Rustling
07. Pyrite
08. Fake Somebodies: Real Nobodies
09. Shaking Hands With Sinatra
10. En Longa Somnum (Act. III)

Run Time: 38:08
Release Date: July 15, 2014

Check out the song “Shuddering At Calm Seas”