Ronny Munroe is the third vocalist to take the alter of the Metal Church while also being the longest left standing. With the recent reformation of the band, and a new solo album Electric Wake out in the wild, Ronny is certainly keeping himself busy.

With Electric Wake I feel that Ronny has really found his voice; you can feel the power, confidence, and overall skill that he has continued to evolve. Compared with his past two releases, The Fire Within and Lords Of The Edge, this latest one surpasses them both; it has a greater sense of direction and the production on all tracks are of a much higher quality. The previous records remain solid releases, but I feel that it was mainly their overall production which held them back.

“Burning Time” kicks off this album and it’s the perfect opening song! It really gets you pumped and you can’t help but bang your head to that sweet chorus. Ronny has brought a few guests with him this time; musicians such as George Lynch and Pamela Moore also get their time in the spotlight – Lynch shredding on “Ghosts” and Moore and Munroe singing the power metal duet with “The Others.” The other standouts include “United” and “My Shadow,” both of which showcase some brilliant-sounding heavy metal. Overall Electric Wake is well, electrifying… It is Ronny Munroe’s best album to date!

Track Listing:

01. Burning Time
02. Ghosts (Featuring George Lynch)
03. Electric Wake
04. Turn To Stone
05. My Shadow
06. Not You Not Me
07. Pray
08. Ritual Damage
09. Sleepless Mountain
10. The Others (Long Live Heavy Metal) Featuring Pamela Moore and Dave Rude (Tesla)
11. United

Run Time: 43:00
Release Date: June 24, 2014

Check out the song “United”